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An Gob Saor

The Creators Network

(the free gob or mouth... pronounced ... on... gob... sayer)

An Gob Saor is a new Creators Network and Streaming Channel focusing on all areas of creativity from film,  music, literature, gaming, photography, theatre, dance, and more... and will consist of long format interviews and conversations with influential and industry leading figures. We will be discussing their journeys, life stories, and the lesson they have learned, including the ups and downs of their industries.

We will also be interviewing key figures who often take a back seat and are not heard from like producers, agents, managers, art directors, etc... and walking them through their careers.

Our aim is to give our viewers and people within the creative world valuable tips and insights into how they might approach their craft and careers.

Raymond Frisby

 (B.A. Film and Television Production)

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       Launching Jan 2023.
New Website coming soon !   



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